Freites August 2014

To God be all the glory,

Our conference was above and beyond expectations. I posed a challenge to our Midwife and Doulas to be on TV and speak in a conference, and to say the least, lives were changed.

After our 3 day conference which included a large church in the other part of the city; Doctors spoke loudly about following the gentle birth procedures we taught, a young doctor said she did most of her births out of routine, never really feeling too much compassion for her patients; but after listening and seeing in our conference a more gentle humanized birth, she begun to do births in this way. Now she says, “I feel more complete and good about my births.”

I assisted a young mother with her first baby, she was fragile and tired of pushing, she embraced me like I was her mother and didn’t want to be alone, families are not allowed in the rooms. So I ministered to her and helped her for a few hours, she asked me not to leave her alone, and later had a baby boy!

Please continue to pray for this ministry, because is the heart of God.

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