Larson September 2014

Every Day Ministries America
Every Day Ministries America
Report From the Field

Bar owner and her husband give their heart to the Lord and offer their bar as location for outdoor EDMA event!

While the Larsons are traveling through the Midwest, EDMA’s national missionaries are furthering the Kingdom of God. We are pleased beyond words to inform you that by your investing in us, we are able to disciple Dominican leadership and raise up national missionaries who carry out the God-given mandate of the ministry.

On a tropically, warm Saturday afternoon our missionaries and worship team headed out to a small community called Sanchez. They first gathered for a day of fun, BBQ, music, and an official meeting for the missionaries. After spending a day of fellowship, they went to the city to minister with a local pastor. This was no ordinary location. It turns out that it had been a bar just weeks ago. However, the bar’s owners, who are husband and wife, gave their lives to Jesus and want to offer the bar as a place for the church to hold events!

The EDMA team jumped at the opportunity to minister in a place that would reach out to those who do not know Jesus! Our worship team praised Jesus and invited others to join. The place was packed with standing room only. Others lined up outside to listen. One of our missionaries, Isaac, preached a word that included some of the bar owner’s story, his personal story and recent experiences we had together. Isaac asked the crowd, “What are you living for? What is your life’s purpose? “It began to rain and people who were lined up around the building, squeezed together to fit inside. There were several people across the street under the trees. They stuck it out despite the rain.

Many came forward for prayer that night and two men gave their hearts to the Lord. We have no way of knowing the total impact of that evening, but we know that Jesus is pleased. And we know that the word about Jesus is spreading throughout the city of Sanchez. We praise Him for the reason to preach, worship, and live. We thank you for investing in the ministry of EDMA. Together we make a difference.

Bless a woman by becoming a Women of Destiny Retreat sponsor for $100 or more. We are believing that God will meet our need of $2000. Thank you for believing with us and may God bless you richly!

Women of Destiny Retreat

Pastora Carmen

“Women of Destiny” has powerfully blessed lives, in many spiritual and physical ways, of the pastoras and the spouses of pastors in my region.

In the spiritual, “Women of Destiny” has worked with love while significantly developing the ministry role of each of us. They ministered with an emphasis of conferences, retreats, prayer times and meetings with us to bring themes of great importance.

In the physical ways, “Women of Destiny” has taught us to value life, family, and friendship with one another, all with love. They invested time and resources for our benefit. This has caused more unity, ministerial responsibility, and happiness between us. Now with devotion we understand our role as women of God, called to specific ministries anointing and power. I want to say that Women of Destiny has confirmed the ministry that God has put in my hands.

Since the beginning of “Women of Destiny”, it has been a fountain of blessing that God has put in the DR, that has not failed to prosper the Kingdom of God to advance on this earth.” ~~Pastora Carmen

“Women of Destiny” seeks to equip, empower and encourage the women in leadership of the Dominican Republic. Each year we strive to hold a retreat where these women can go away and be with God to seek direction, wisdom, and refreshment. This October we are holding a weekend retreat entitled, “Woman of Confidence”. There will be various seminars, evening conferences, worship, prayer, and time of fellowship. It is at a retreat center designed for tranquility.

The ladies are holding their own fundraisers and saving money to help pay for their accommodations. However, this does not cover the entire cost of the event. We need people like you who would be sponsors for these ladies. You can see the difference that “Women of Destiny” has made in the lives of these pastoras (female pastors) and the wives of the pastors. Please consider investing in this weekend retreat. The result is priceless.


Gregorix serves as a missionary and is working with EDMA on a part-time basis as an administrative assistant. We are blessed to have such top quality people ministering with us. Please pray daily for Gregorix and his family

03“Every Day Ministries America represents to me, my life. They restored my life and me. They changed my mentality and they strengthened my life. The first time I met them, I wanted to be with them. They are people who love Jesus. Pastors Renee and Jim Larson are my spiritual parents. In the moment that I need them, they have been there.

This ministry is doing what God commends the Christians to do. They have changed many people in this country because they have changed the mentality of Christians. I was one of them. Now I am working with this wonderful ministry, and I don’t regret it because I am with people who smell like Jesus. They just love Christ. Like the sand that makes up the seashore, they are putting grains of sand in the expansion of the Kingdom in this country. I always pray that God can provide everything they need. And I ask Him to protect them because they are real Disciples of Christ. Thanks for everything.”
Gregorix Polanco



Praise the Lord for expanding the ministry! With this growth, a new form of transportation is required. We need to purchase an extended van and a trailer. We are celebrating the current $21,000 raised. This leaves only $8,500 more to make the purchase. Please consider a gift toward this goal.

On another front, we are trying to raise $2,000 for sound equipment and a drum set. This equipment will be used by our worship team to continue its ministry.

Thank you for your consideration.


05“The conferences done by Women of Destiny have helped me to discover my value before God as a pastor. From these conferences I have gained great motivation to continue these teachings to help other women pastors leaders in our community develop spiritually and emotionally. Many who were very timid before are now boldly able to step into their callings to minister to their people.” ~~ Pastora Rosie

Testimonies like these are only possible because of financial partners who have empowered us to carry out the God given mandate of EDMA, a Christian non-profit organization. We are grateful for our supporters and pray that the Lord would bless them for their generosity.

Ministry requires partnership of many people to advance the Kingdom and vision that God has given EDMA. Partnership comes in many forms. We need financial supporters who commit to projects. We need monthly financial supporters who provide a planned budget to work with throughout the year. We need individuals who will pray for us. We need ambassadors who will commit to fundraisers and raise awareness of the ministry. Is the Lord calling you to link arms with us? Prayerfully consider making a difference in the Dominican Republic

May God bless you richly,
Jim & Renee Larson