Javier and Jacqueline: July 2016

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Dear friends,

We must continue to move forward, no matter where we find ourselves today! We can always pick ourselves up, shake off the dust and move on to the “upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14). And here in Argentina we continue to go forward as best we can, with a change of government, enormous scandals of corruption of the last government, high inflation, and navigating difficult economic and social problems.

But on the happy side, this is exactly the opportunity to shine with the message of Christ! I was invited to be the (only) woman speaker at a national leadership conference in Mar del Plata (province of Buenos Aires) on the subject of the challenge of the pastor’s wife, to around 1,400 pastors and leaders, quite a challenge for me! It is part of a national outreach of a gathering of pastors and leaders called Argentina Oramos por Vos (Argentina, we are praying for you). www.oramos.com.ar. But I did enjoy sharing on the unique challenge of this area of ministry.

Some good news! We are preparing to print a children’s book on values and self-esteem (illustrated by our daughter Nathalie in brilliant colors!), as also a booklet on the matter of violence on women. Specific donations have come in toward these publishing projects, a blessing for us to continue to invest in this important area. As more funds come in, we will continue to invest in this useful tool which is producing much needed material on important matters to distribute in schools and churches. I am also working as part of the Assemblies of God Literature committee preparing a book of devotionals to present in November at the yearly national convention, gathering over 150 writers (pastors and leaders) in this project.

As a congregation we are making weekly visits to local hospitals and parks and even on public transportation to preach the Gospel. At the hospitals we give out handmade knitted caps for the babies. Our son Ari is once again working on a filming project, a series to be filmed here in Cordoba with local actors… he is finishing the script and will soon start filming. He and Sebastian both serve the Lord also as part of the Pastoral Council of Cordoba with the ministry of pastors’ kids, organizing activities to bless and encourage them. An activity is planned for September 9th.

Pray for us as we navigate these interesting and complicated times!

– Evelyn Saint Jiménez