Freites: April 2018

My dearest Jorge,

Here are some of the children we want to start with which are both financially and physically challenged.

1) Child one is Angelo Lugo his 14 years old and needs hip and feet surgery. Family is extremely poor, the family has two disabled children and struggling to make ends meet.

2) Alejandrina Lugo, 20 years old with a mind of a 5 year old. She is the sister of child number 1.  She suffers from convulsions and is mentally challenged.

3) Feliz Suazo 4 years old
Doesn’t have proper nutrition, parents can’t feed them but twice a day due to employment conditions in the village.

4) Luis Céspedes 5 years old
Under nourished extreme poverty conditions, needs to start school but lacks the financial aid for uniforms and supplies.

5) Yokensi Baez 8 years old
Child has Sickle Cell anemia, is mentally challenged and extremely poor, has to be hospitalized constantly, under nourishment is numero uno.

6) Daniela Lara 16
Heart damaged by murmure, mentally challenged, walks with difficulty very poor. Sometimes can’t go to routine check ups because her mom is a single parent and very poor.

God help us help them.
Appreciate your help in getting this out there.

Veronica Freites
CMM Missionary Dominican Republic