Freites: April 2018

My dearest Jorge,

Here are some of the children we want to start with which are both financially and physically challenged.

1) Child one is Angelo Lugo his 14 years old and needs hip and feet surgery. Family is extremely poor, the family has two disabled children and struggling to make ends meet.

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Javier and Jacqueline: July 2016

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Dear friends,

We must continue to move forward, no matter where we find ourselves today! We can always pick ourselves up, shake off the dust and move on to the “upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14). And here in Argentina we continue to go forward as best we can, with a change of government, enormous scandals of corruption of the last government, high inflation, and navigating difficult economic and social problems.

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Javier & Jacqueline: Fundraiser for Church Building

Photo of Land to build a temple for GodHi, beloved for this way I ask you keep praying for us in order to pay the 8, 909 dollars we ought to pay to the land owner of the land where we are just starting to build a temple for the LORD JESUS CHRIST, any offering you would like to send us will be appreciated beloved.

My addres is Calle : Gregorio Luperon 235, El Pensado, Villa Duarte, Santo Domingo Este, D. R.

We also have tombola, which is a case in it we will put all the ticket numbers we sell to collect the money we need to pay the rest of the money we have to pay to the owner of the land in which the temple for CMM church Will be built, each form contains 50 numbers value RD$ 100 pesos, and all these number will be in a tombola, for december 17, and if you win any of these prize, we can sell the prize and send you the money to you by caribe express or any other money sending enterprise you would wish to.

Photos of the work for the temple buildingThank you before from the bottom of our heart

Christ Mandate For Missions Dominican Republic

Pastors :  Jose Javier and  Jacqueline Perez

God bless you all, we love you and miss you

The Prizes are as Follows:

1st Prize  : Una Nevera ( Refrigerator )

2nd          : A Tablet ( una tablet )

3rd           : A Fan      ( un abanico Universal )

4th           : A Fan       ( un abanico Universal )

5th          : a hundred and 25 pounds of rice selected

6th           :a hundred and 25 pounds of rice selected

7th           2000 pesos dominicanos

8th           Un aceite Jumbo


Freites: October 2014

Dear CMM family,

We recently came together with one hundred and fifty children and adults, among them were widows, orphans and elderly people. This particular village is in the South part of the Island, is very poor and has no means of support.  Food, water and shelter are very scarce. There are four orphans that lost their father lately when he fell out of a coconut, leaving a family in a great poverty. The mother had to give her two boys away, she kept her girls with her. We need food and medicine.

Please give to the children of the Dominican Republic, any contribution would help in order to feed this families.

Thank you for your generosity.

Veronica Freites

Larson September 2014

Every Day Ministries America
Every Day Ministries America
Report From the Field

Bar owner and her husband give their heart to the Lord and offer their bar as location for outdoor EDMA event!

While the Larsons are traveling through the Midwest, EDMA’s national missionaries are furthering the Kingdom of God. We are pleased beyond words to inform you that by your investing in us, we are able to disciple Dominican leadership and raise up national missionaries who carry out the God-given mandate of the ministry. Continue reading

Freites August 2014

To God be all the glory,

Our conference was above and beyond expectations. I posed a challenge to our Midwife and Doulas to be on TV and speak in a conference, and to say the least, lives were changed.

After our 3 day conference which included a large church in the other part of the city; Doctors spoke loudly about following the gentle birth procedures we taught, a young doctor said she did most of her births out of routine, never really feeling too much compassion for her patients; but after listening and seeing in our conference a more gentle humanized birth, she begun to do births in this way. Now she says, “I feel more complete and good about my births.” Continue reading

Freites August 2014

Here are some pictures of our historical Downtown area, lots of rich world history, walk to, supermarkets, theaters , gift shops and more.  We can accommodate up to 12 in beds, but you can always bring blow up mattress if you would like, then 20 or more can sleep!  I have been hosting teams in DR for ten years now, so your in good hands. We have cooks, and you can do your laundry as well.


Freites August 2014

In the photos are my assistant/ intern, Escarly, and others sold out to saving lives. Escarly, the one in pink, said to me, “Your God will be my God, your people my people and where you go I will follow.” She stands by me regardless of long hours of work, sometimes having to walk, staying in hospitals long hours, working with pregnant ladies, you name it, she’s by my side! Keep us in your prayers! God is opening doors from the North, South, East and West!!!!

Freites: April 2013

Veronica Freites
A Missionary to the Dominican Republic

I have been ministering in the Dominican Republic for almost eight years now, that the lost may be saved at all cost!

My vision for the Dominican people:

  • to form disciples and plant churches,
  • feed the hungry in needy and deprived areas with poverty, prostitution, homelessness and a thirst for the living word,
  • it is also in my heart to invite medical groups from around the world to donate their time and effort to improve the health of the poor and needy, because healthcare is unreachable to most and this would be a real God send to our people of the Dominican Republic.