Jim and Renee Larson


Every Day Ministries America exists to transform communities through empowering the church by equipping, empowering and encouraging the national pastors and leaders.

God has given us a mandate to equip and empower the national pastors of the Dominican Republic. This mandate, combined with the love of Christ, compels us to advance the Kingdom in such a way. The Lord leads us by His wisdom and Holy Spirit to direct the ministry and to speak into the lives of the pastors.

As a husband/wife team we work together to complete the vision. We operate in numerous roles regarding administration, management, preaching, teaching and pastoring the pastors of this nation. We are personally involved in the pastorsʼ lives. We have the opportunity to counsel them, pray with them, rejoice with them and at times, cry with them. Our hearts burn to see the pastors further the vision that the Lord has given them and see this nation impacted for Jesus Christ.

Currently we are connected to over 350 pastors across several provinces of the north coast. We hold two Bible Institutes. We have constructed 31 churches (of various denominations). There are 440 children in our educational scholarship program. Because women pastors and pastors wives have special needs that are often left unmet here, we have founded Women of Destiny with the goal of empowering women in leadership. Throughout the year we host numerous teams from both the United States and Canada to further the work here. We regularly hold evangelical outreaches in conjunction with the local church. Throughout the year we are teaching and training pastors at the local level as well as regionally. We host two multi-provincial events each year with smaller conferences in between.

Our dream is to empower the national pastors in such a way that they will empower others. It is a vision of multiplication for the Kingdom.

We would like to see the vision of EDM impact all of the Dominican Republic as well as other countries as the Lord directs.