Freites: December 2010

Veronica Freites has several congregations to Spanish natives and also to Haitian earthquake refugees. She has a new church built by MorningStar teams. She helps in job training skills and literacy efforts, along with establishing home cell groups and leadership training.

Veronica is working in rural areas but recently has been working with Haiti earthquake victims. She has a childhood friend married to the Secretary of State and so has helped visiting teams speak on TV, radio, and minister with great favor in that nation. She has planted several churches, mainly to Hispanics, but several to Haitians living in the DR. Her finances have not been regular and so it has limited her ability to grow a strong, consistent presence in ministry there

We have sent medical teams, mid-wife teams, (Lisa Aman, from MorningStar, has been leading teams there for several years. Jordan Swingle has visited there too). David White has been 2-3 times himself and teams from Wilkesboro have gone over the last 2-3 years. We also have sent many ministry and youth teams, all wanting to return to bless the locals.

Veronica rents a three building villa/compound by the ocean for $500.00 a month. It can sleep 30 people. MFM is sending a team there in late April, including Dennis McIntee, Lance Wallnau’s assistant, to conduct a business/government seminar along the 7 Mountain Mandate. In the evenings we will conduct ministry training for pastors and leaders.


Monthly support is low and inconsistent. She needs about $2,000. Per month.
She has land paid for to build a church,(construction estimates are $15,000. CMM has learned that before money is spent on construction that a legal entity is wise, to preserve continuity and insure that a pastor’s kids don’t inherit a property and decide to ‘go to Disneyland’ with the sale of it. In addition, a local, native board is established to spread the counsel.
Funds to do the legal work may run $1,000-$1,500.